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How it Works

  • Develop a personalized diversified portfolio based on your financial plan, risk profile and the account’s tax status
  • Deliver professional investment management
  • Monitor your portfolio daily
  • Optimize your risk and return strategy
  • Rebalance your portfolio when needed
  • Execute Tax-Loss Harvesting for non-retirement accounts with values of $50,000 or greater. (If an investment goes down in value, automatic tax-loss harvesting can help you offset the taxes on investment gains in your non-retirement accounts)
  • As a client, you’ll have a dedicated advisor available to discuss your financial goals, from buying a home or paying off student loans, to retiring early. Your advisor will:
    • Create and monitor your personalized financial plan
    • Conduct annual calls with you to review your investments, performance, and update your financial plan

How much does it cost? Our smarter technology allows us to charge a fraction of what many traditional managers charge.

  • We charge an investment management fee of 0.75% annually.
  • No account fee
  • No trading fee
  • No commission fee

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