Money Management

that is accessible, easy and economical.

Why SKWealth Digital?

SKWealth Digital is a digital investment platform intended for individuals who are in the beginning stages of accumulating savings. Developed in partnership with Charles Schwab, and overseen by the Registered Investment Advisory team at SKWealth Management, LLC, SKWealth Digital permits its clients to establish a savings strategy based on their tolerance for risk, and their objectives in their financial plan. SKWealth Digital puts you in control of your financial future today, with the added reassurance that experts are here to help you grow your investment plans for tomorrow.

SKWealth Digital offers sophisticated investment management and advice for developing investors. SKWealth Digital is a client-focused online platform that provides you with expediency, accessibility, 24/7 service, and professional investment management.

Key Benefits

Professional Investment Management

SKWealth Management, LLC is the Registered Investment Advisory firm that constructs the diversified portfolio design by choosing from over 900 ETFs across all major fund families. For more information, please visit

Ease of Use

It only takes a few minutes via website or mobile app to complete an investor risk profile that is mapped to a portfolio based on the assessment of your profile and based on your financial plan. We review the results, and upon approval the money is invested. This is a paperless account opening and funding encounter.

Link your bank account for easy funding. Consolidate retirement accounts with account transfers or 401(k) direct rollovers.

Low Cost

Our clients pay just 0.75% per year for investment management (assessed quarterly, in arrears). Your fee includes all trading, automated rebalancing for accounts over $5,000, dividend reinvestment, and with an account value of $50,000 or more you’ll have the option to enroll in tax loss harvesting. No trading commissions are charged to you.

24/7 Access

Ongoing account management is easy and paperless, too. Login via website or mobile app for automatic access to statements and performance reports.

Account Minimum